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The OCEM Family

                 since 1926

Based in Florence since 1926 and run by 3 generations of the Giannelli family, OCEM designs and supplies to the international markets advanced concrete-agglomerate production plants, including innovative Hermetic Presses and customized finishing lines. Decades of experience, advanced engineering, production quality, powerful strategic partnerships and excellent after-sales service allowed OCEM to conquer an excellent reputation within the international markets and a long-term worldwide presence.


OCEM (Officina Costruzioni Elettro Meccaniche) was established in 1926 in Florence (Italy) by Mr. Ugo Giannelli Sr., the grandfather of today’s company CEO Eng. Ugo Giannelli Jr., who represents the third generation of the company owners.
OCEM started its activities manufacturing mechanical and electrical parts and components. At the beginning of WW2, the company employed about 400 people, but it had to suspend its activities in August 1944 due to the war period in Florence. Immediately after the war, OCEM resumed its production and in 1953, due to increasing demand of building materials, OCEM introduced innovative HERMETIC HYDRAULIC ROTARY PRESSES for the production of different types of double-layer concrete-agglomerate tiles, such as thin indoor “Terrazzo” tiles and outdoor tiles.

From the mid-50’s, following the growing international markets production requirements, OCEM continued the development of its pressing technology, introducing more powerful and productive double-layer hermetic presses with the capacity to produce always bigger and thicker (up to 100-120 mm) double-layer tiles and slabs (i.e. 600×600 mm, 400×800 mm or even 1000×1000 mm size) with different surface textures.
OCEM introduced innovative technical concepts, important patents and automations, building a reputation worldwide as a supplier of high-quality, productive and reliable pressing technology.
Alongside the “HERMETIC PRESSING” DOUBLE LAYER technology, in the year 2000 OCEM developed and introduced the SINGLE LAYER “FILTER” PRESSING technology to produce Terrazzo tiles and slabs with just one layer (full body), allowing for reduced thickness and weight, especially suited for indoor flooring and external facades applications.


A world-wide
      Qualified Presence

A world-wide Qualified Presence


OCEM’s presses and finishing technologies are operating worldwide at the most important international concrete-agglomerate elements production plants and, thanks to the continuous research and development efforts, the company is today internationally recognized as the leading, most experienced and referenced supplier of hermetic double-layer presses, single-layer presses and complete production and finishing plants for concrete-agglomerate tiles, pavers and slabs.
Internal staff are supported by an international network of professional OCEM representatives operating in global markets and are qualified to supply after-sales services to its international customers.
With its dedicated SPARE PARTS DEPT., OCEM is able to supply spare hardware and consumable parts to all its clients worldwide for new and old machines alike.

Based on its long history and tradition:

  • OCEM is today internationally considered and appreciated as the most experienced and referenced supplier of HYPER-PRESSES (“hermetic” double-layer presses and single layer “filter” presses) to produce high quality concrete-agglomerate tiles, slabs, and pavers.
  • OCEM, in conjunction with its specialized strategic partners, has become a valued market supplier of FINISHING MACHINES and COMPLETE FINISHING LINES for concrete-agglomerate elements.
  • Continuous research and development efforts allow OCEM to introduce innovative and advanced solutions, depositing different and original international patents.
  • OCEM presses and technologies HAVE BEEN SUPPLIED GLOBALLY and for years have reliably carried out heavy-duty work at the most important international high-quality concrete-agglomerate production plants across continents.
  • OCEM has an international presence with a professional network of experienced representatives offering local after-sales technical service and spare parts delivery to the local customers, operating efficiently in tandem with OCEM’s after-sales department.
  • OCEM’s international sales team and local representatives participate annually at the market’s most important INTERNATIONAL VENUES, including the main exhibitions, associations meetings and technical symposiums.