OCEM press OPA740 with 6 stations producing double layer 400x400mm concrete agglomerate tiles, followed by an automatic tiles processing line with an automatic horizontal stacking and line loading cycle, 2 heads calibrating, tiles turnover 180°, 6 heads grinding, 12 heads polishing and final automatic pallettizing.


 Big OCEM press model OPA1400 (1400 tons pressing power, 6 stations) producing single-layer "Terrazzo" tiles for indoor application, followed by a complete tiles processing line, including an automatic horizontal tiles stacking, automatic finger car and steam curing chambers, automatic line loading cycle, 1 head calibrating, 180 °tiles turnover, 5 heads grinding machine, 12 heads polishing machine and final automatic pallettizing.


Ocem press model "OPA1440/ES" with 7 stations, 600 tons max pressing power, precompression of 7 tons, producing double layer concrete agglomerate tiles for outdoor application. This press is able of 4,5 - 5,5 pressing cycles per minute and, in the video, is producing 4 tiles of 33x33cm per each pressing cycle.
If set up with different molds, the press can produce
 per each pressing cycle 2 tiles of 40x40cm, 2 tiles x 40x60cm tiles, 1 tile of 50x50, 1 tile of 60x60 or 1 tile of 75x75cm. Productivity: from 600 to 1.200 m2 /8 hours (depending the tiles dimensions). The press is followed by a tiles processing line with a calibrating machine, tiles 180° turnover and final grinding unit.


Big OCEM press model OPA1480/6 producing big double-layer 100x100cm concrete agglomerate tiles (1 tile 100x100cm per each pressing cycle) in a plant of North Europe. This big press has 6 stations, 1400 tons primary pressing power + 80 tons Jumbo pre-pressing unit and can be set up with different molds to produce per each pressing cycle: 6 tiles of 30-33x30-33cm, 4 tiles of 40x40cm, 4 tiles of 50x50cm, 3 tiles 40x60cm, 2 tiles of 60x60cm, 1 big tile of 60x120cm, 1 big tile of 100x100cmProductivity: from 1.050 to 1.950 m2 /8 hours (depending the tiles dimensions).