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OCEM Today

  • Is the world leader in the production of hydraulic rotary hermetic and filter “HYPER PRESSES”, annually supplying more than 70% of the international market demand.

  • In cooperation with high-tech strategic partners and with its highly specialized engineering team, supplies “COMPLETE VAP FINISHING PLANTS” for concrete-agglomerate tiles, slabs, pavers, blocks and kerbstones, including different solutions of “VAP” (Value Added Products) machines and finishing lines.

  • Exports its machines and plants worldwide for more than 90% of its total production.

  • Holds 15 Italian patents and 5 patents registered in Germany, France, Spain and in the European Union.

  • Has available a very experienced ENGINEERING TEAM including mechanical, electrical and software designing specialists.

  • Has an efficient and advanced production plant including the latest CNC machining technologies and ERP Industry 4.0 management.

OCEM presses and finishing plants are designed and manufactured completely in Italy using high-quality materials and the best quality international suppliers and components.



Approximately 25% of OCEM’s annual turnover is generated from the sale of spare parts, hardware components, consumables and accessories, the result of OCEM’s quality, efficient and competitive after-sales service and prompt parts delivery. As OCEM’s presses have a very long operating life, the company provides spare parts for the many 40+ year old presses still in service. A quality local back-up service is often also locally provided by the international OCEM representatives.

Strategic Partnerships

The continuous technical updating though qualified contacts in transversal and often complementary industrial fields allowed OCEM to establish STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS among highly specialized and high-tech companies operating in complementary industrial fields in order to design and efficiently deliver the best, innovative and cost-efficient technical solutions to the final customers.

In this wide and modern vision, OCEM established important strategic cooperations with:

Thanks to the the continuous technical developments and patented innovations, the qualified specialized engineering, the powerful strategic partnerships and its honest and professional business approach, OCEM recently designed and supplied important turn-key production and finishing VAP plants to different international customers worldwide and the company is today considered a reliable refence technical partner for new projects within the international concrete-agglomerate industry.

These strategic partnerships allowed OCEM to design and supply important production and finishing plants world-wide, also increa- sing the efficiency and the quality of the specialized after sales service to the international customers.
Through the above cooperation and partnerships, through the quality of its presses and also for its traditional professional and honest business approach, OCEM is today a famous and well appreciated supplier in the international markets and is considered a refence and reliable technical partner for any concrete-agglomerate projects with the best trust and appreciation from its faithful cu- stomers and friends having operations all over the world.

R&D - Research and Development

The produced tiles and slabs can be treated with different finishing options such as calibrating-honing and final polishing, abrasive brushing, chemical treatments, digital decorations and other surface finishing tests which can also be performed in cooperation with the OCEM’s specialized Partners.

Innovative mix designs can include a wide range of aggregates, such as different natural stones, quartz or recycled ceramic and glass in different small, medium and big diameters and with different hardness and composition.

Moreover also new concrete qualities, innovative chemical additives and reinforcement fibers can be tested to develop more performant and attractive “engineered” concrete-agglomerate EVO products.

The deep knowledge developed on concrete-agglomerate products guided OCEM engineers to optimally develop the OCEM’s different production hyper-presses, optimally managing their pressing cycles and parameters for every different mix design. This important knowledge also led OCEM to design and develop with its partners optimal finishing machines and complete VAP finishing lines operating with special tools (diamonds tools, abrasive tools, abrasive brushes..) specially developed for the different concrete products final processing.